Why Are People Nowadays So Eager To Get What They Want And Profit-oriented?


In a commodity-money society, people had to exchange with others to get what they wanted, unlike in the agricultural era when they were self-sufficient, so their need for money was not as high as it is today, because they could get many things through their own labour. But in today’s materialistic society, it is only through money that they can obtain the material things they want, without money they cannot get anything they want. People are getting more and more inseparable from money, and of course, they are getting more and more snobbish and profit-oriented. Because money determines their quality of life, their social status and so on. Only if they are eager and profit-oriented, they can get a lot of money.

Why do some people gain money and power and then lose it? It is because he does not understand the true value and meaning of money and power, does not respect them and does not know how to make good use of them, so even if he has them, he will soon lose them.

The same goes for love, friendship and health. Everything under the sun conforms to this truth that we are talking about today, and only if you understand it, respect it and cherish it, do you deserve to have it. So don’t blame God because you didn’t get money, power, love, health, or friendship; the cause of everything is in you.

A person’s value depends on his contribution to society and to humanity. The choice of self-interest or altruism reflects a person’s character and realm. Virtue and realm determine the value and meaning of one’s existence. One can buy happiness, love, friendship and all the pleasures of the world with money, but they are all fleeting and unreal.

You have to remember that you live your life with principles, with education and with a focus on personal qualities because you are living to please yourself, and for yourself. It’s not about the dark side of the world that you hate, you don’t have to care too much in life, it’s far happier and more difficult to please yourself than it is to please others and the world because many people change their minds in this long process. Probably a lot of the sullenness is due to the fact that we are not used to seeing the dark side of the world, but we do not want to go with the flow and become soulless people. In fact, if you want to be yourself, you should look at the side of the world that you like, and work hard for it and for your ideal state.

If you are a student, a businessman or an investor, this could be conducive to your mental health and personal development. If you are trying to buy a patlite revolving light for example, you may not merely look at its facade but also its inner part, how the light is designed and why it is so. All in all, please try to be a person with profundity and independence. 

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