How Is Copper Used In Life And Industry?


Copper is one of the first metals discovered and used by mankind, and copper is used everywhere in life. Copper is now widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing such as Alfran malaysia, construction industry, defence industry and other fields. Although copper has a red colour and is a red metal, it is also a green metal. The reason it is called a green metal is because of its reusability. Copper has a low melting point and can easily be melted and smelted again, so its recycling costs are extremely low.

What are the main copper products used in industry? 

Copper products are produced using the relevant properties of copper.

  1. wire cores: pure copper has good electrical conductivity and is used as a wire conductor.

  2. radiators in various electrical appliances: copper has good thermal conductivity, so it is used as a radiator in various electrical appliances.

  3. various decorative copper foil: copper has good ductility and can be made into various shapes of copper foil.

In industry, copper and its alloys are mainly processed in sheets, strips, foils, rows, tubes, rods, wires and profiles. In life, copper is often used to make various copper crafts, such as brass instruments and ancient bronze instruments.

Electrical and thermal conductivity

Copper’s excellent electrical and thermal conductivity can lead to significant energy and cost efficiencies. Copper’s high electrical conductivity accounts for nearly 60% of its use, while its high thermal conductivity allows it to be used in a wide range of heating, cooling and heat exchange equipment. Copper provides efficient, energy-saving and safe solutions in a wide range of applications in power generation, transmission, electrical and appliance equipment such as high voltage transmission and distribution, industrial motors, household appliances and personal computers.

Corrosion resistance, impermeability and non-flammability

The corrosion resistance, impermeability and non-flammability of copper guarantee its durability, reliability and long-term cost-effectiveness. Indoors, copper and copper alloys slowly darken in colour but do not rust, an important characteristic that also makes it commonly used in water and gas pipes, taps and electrical wiring in Malaysia companies like Alfran malaysia

Natural antibacterial properties

The natural antibacterial properties of copper provide benefits to human health. As a result, more and more hospitals are choosing to use copper in their equipment and facilities. Scientific studies have demonstrated the antibacterial benefits of copper in hospitals, public places such as schools, home heating and air conditioning equipment, and public transport, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and the spread of contamination.


Copper can be forged and malleable into complex and delicate shapes without breaking. This allows it to be used in the manufacture of spires, steeples, musical instruments, bowls, bed frames, tubes and a host of other functional products. In addition, the thin wires used to carry electrical currents in cars, computers, televisions, lighting and other electronic devices owe their flexibility and malleability to copper.