Conduit Wiring: A Modern and Industrial Design For Your Home

conduit fittings malaysia

Planning on renovating your home? Still deciding on what kind of design you’re going for? Why don’t explore the rustic and industrial design of aesthetic brick wall and intricately designed conduit wiring? Sure, it sounds unfinished, but that is the entire point behind an industrial look. 

When you want to have an exposed brick wall and wiring, it doesn’t mean that the design would be an eye-sore. It is also important to choose the right brick, cement, conduits, and also the builders who will be working on the renovations. This is because choosing the right material would ensure the aesthetics of a rustic, modern look which will look amazing in the end. Unitrade has many conduit fittings designs that you can choose from in Malaysia.  

Normally, you would see conduit wiring in industrial kitchens and other industrial places that would often have wiring problems. It is easier to manage the wiring system when you have conduit wirings – which is always a plus. Besides that, there are also many design ideas out there on how you can handle conduit wiring, either in the kitchen or the living room. Here are some examples:


Conduit fittings malaysia

conduit fittings malaysia


Conduit wiring design also serves an almost vintage look for your home. You might have seen designs like these in your nearest coffee shops or even book stores. Other than the aesthetic look that it provides, it can also function like any normal, boring wiring. So, why not try something new and dive deep into the rustic look of conduit wirings. 

If you are already intrigued on planning a rustic look for your home, you can start by picking the proper material first. Conduit fittings also come in different shapes and sizes. You can keep the rustic look with the basic design, or find conduit fittings that have already been painted on. 



conduit fittings malaysia

Black conduit wiring can really pop out on the exposed brick wall, or you could go with a more modern look using the stainless steel, silver conduit instead. Either way, planning the design shouldn’t be a one-man-job, you can ask a friend, your partner, or seek professional help in designing the perfect industrial look for your home.

Moreover, just because the conduit wiring are exposed, it doesn’t have to be in obvious places. The wiring can be placed on walls, but in a subtle way. Perhaps to trace the ceiling line, where the walls and ceiling are joint. Here’s an example of a design which serves a purpose to illuminate the corners with conduit wiring as well.





conduit fittings malaysia

Besides that, conduit wiring doesn’t even have to be for wiring. It can also be designed for other purposes. Here’s an example of a DIY project that takes conduit design and turns it into a functioning bookshelf instead.

What ever it is that you have planned for your new home, it is important to have it designed to your own liking. The rustic and industrial design of exposed brick walls and conduit wirings are not for everyone’s taste. You can still find other designs that can fulfil your taste and interest. The most important thing is making your house to feel like home. 

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