What is New in Web Hosting?


The web hosting industry is one of the most exciting ones out there simply because technology is ever-evolving and there are new trends that you can look out for every year. That being said, the best web hosting companies are always at the forefront when it comes to new technologies. What is new in web hosting? Read on to find out some of the things you can expect.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing has come a very long way and it actually has a lot of applications. In fact, cloud hosting has become a thing thanks to the aforementioned technology.

You see, there are many limitations present in traditional web hosting, one of which is server locations. Data centers are facilities that can only be found in certain areas of the world and the problem is that a hosting company may only have one data center.

This presents a geographical problem that translates to poor performance, especially if the one trying to access your website is from another part of the world. Cloud hosting just makes it sure that performance is consistent all throughout. It does this by creating a network of interconnected servers that are scattered all throughout the world.

You can expect more and more hosting providers taking advantage of this new technology in the coming years.

Green Hosting

We only have one planet and we must do things to preserve it. That is why the green initiative was launched as a means to help mitigate our carbon footprint and so that we can still enjoy what planet Earth has to offer for decades and even centuries to come.

How does this relate to web hosting, you ask? Well, server computers and data centers operate using coal-powered plants and that presents a major risk since it emits a lot of carbon which can destroy the ozone layer. We already have a severely weakened ozone layer and if it continues to be destroyed, global warming will become inevitable. Anyway, green web hosting basically is a movement where data centers and servers operate using alternative energy sources. These sources are kind to the environment and are a great way for us to preserve our planet.

Reseller Hosting

The principle of reseller hosting is that a company signs up to a hosting provider’s reseller program and that company can then sell hosting services to their clients. You basically do not own the infrastructure but you are just reselling the services of a hosting company so that both of you can benefit.

This has become quite a popular thing in recent years simply because of the fact that people nowadays want to establish an online presence. One way to do that would be to create
your own website, of course.


Web hosting is a continuously evolving industry with many new technologies being introduced every year. We can expect cloud hosting to become more mainstream in the years to come and more and more companies are now taking part in the green hosting initiative.