What Does an SEO Analyst Do for You?


1. Content Planning

The content of your web pages are the first things primary search engines like Google look at when deciding to rank your website. Website optimization for search engines depends heavily on the curation and creation of high-quality content. This also helps people make the crucial decision of whether to buy your service or product.

2. Keyword Research

SEO analysts research on trending keywords, or those keywords utilized by searchers to look for content. They spend countless hours deciding what kind of keywords are most relevant for your business, and what type of content would draw in more visitors.

3. Reporting

From time to time, SEO analysts prepare short reports for their clients containing crucial data with regards to website performance. These professionals observe connections between page interactions and visits, as well as engagement. The reports would help you understand how search engine optimization work to your advantage.

4. Data Analysis

Do you want to be a successful SEO analyst in Malaysia someday? Then, you should learn how to use reliable tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Analytics. It is the job of SEO analysts to organize and watch tables and charts rich with data.

5. Hierarchy and Sitemapping

Mapping and reorganizing your website allow website crawlers to extract details from your pages. This would help index your website well. For those businesses who already have existing websites, analysts examine web pages which are already important to your website. Meanwhile, for those who just started, they gather information about quality products and services, then plan a structure depending on seamless user experience.