Top 3 Gacha Games To Play While You Are Stuck At Home


You may or may not have heard of gacha, but never thought of the actual meaning of the gaming genre. If you want to know more about the “the hell world of gacha”, as fans call it, think about the amount of coins you put into the Japanese vending machine capsules to get the toys you want in a Kinder Surprise-shaped egg. The word gacha came from gachapon (ガチャポン) referring to the vending machine which pops out balls containing random toy – and you may or may not be satisfied with it and will pull out more 100 yen coins until you get the toy you want. 

Now, implement those ideology to a video game with the usual plot, characters and settings as any other games, but adding the gacha system into it. Most would call it a gamble, because ‘pulling’ for characters or weapons on a certain banner will determine whether you will receive the characters or weapons of your choice. It is not compulsory to pay for the gacha, but it is tempting to get that ‘waifus’ and ‘husbandos’.

While you are stuck at home or an inevitably amount of time, working for best broker forex Vietnam at home until you have the leisure time of doing nothing but contemplate when will the pandemic end, here are the top 3 gacha games you should give a play while quarantining:

  • Arknights

Rising to popularity and has been surging since 2019, the gacha game features stylish and creatively designed anime girls (or waifus) set in a post-apocalyptic society. The gaming system boasts a great deal of strategy making built upon the tower defence mechanism which requires a sharp mind for deeper tactical decisions to achieve victory. Each unit is multi-dimensional with proper roles, therefore you do not need high rarity characters to progress the game, unless you do not mind taking the money out of your wallet, that is.

  • Fire Emblem Heroes

Just like Arknights, Fire Emblem Heroes requires tactical decisions to make it to the top of the game. The turn-based mechanism of chess-styled battles distinguished the game from others, besides being in a setting of a fantasy world. Fun fact about Fire Emblem Heroes is that the series, Fire Emblem, has spawned a total of 16 main title games and four spin-offs – where Fire Emblem Heroes made it to the gacha platform. It may be a pocket-sized version of the whole Fire Emblem, except the unit strength is determined by rarity while juggling with intelligent strategies. When it comes to the gacha side of this game, it is a 50/50 between luck and skill.

  • Genshin Impact

Imagine just being released in the near end of 2020 and won an award for ‘IPhone Game of the Year’ and nominated for many other awards in a span of a few months. That is Genshin Impact for you. This game sets a new era for gacha games where it delivers a smooth gameplay of characters to control their combat and stunning visuals of the world of Teyvat.

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