Recommended Casino Gambling Books


Read These Books If You Want To Become A Gambling Phenom

I’ve been expounding on betting related subjects since 2003 for the Internet. As opposed to utilizing the Internet for my examination, I’ve amassed a gigantic library of casino gambling books. Some of them were incredible, some were just great, and some were absolutely terrible. Keep in mind that some of these tips may not work for online sites such as Unibet Casino or SCR888 Casino, so do keep an open mind.

The reason for this page is to give you a rundown of suggested casino betting books. I’ll sort out the books by class. Kindly don’t accept that since I’ve overlooked a book that it was some way or another mediocre compared to the books on this page. I’ve perused a great deal of betting books, however, I haven’t perused each betting book.

General Gambling Books

Mensa Guide To Casino Gambling:
Winning Ways is the best book about casino betting I’ve perused. It was composed by Andrew Brisman, who joins exactness with engaging composition. His points of view on the substances of casino betting have presumably impacted the manner in which I consider betting more than some other writer’s. It’s no longer in production now, yet you can at present find utilized duplicates for beside nothing on Amazon or by means of other utilized book dealers.

Betting 102:
The Best Strategies for All Casino Games is a decent book composed by Michael Shackleford, who is otherwise called “the Wizard of Odds.” He runs a fantastic betting data site, however, his book was shorter and less itemized than I anticipated. You can most likely locate a similar data offered in his book on his real site, and you can do as such without paying for the book. (He underpins his site, as most site proprietors do, by selling promoting).

On the other hand, a few people appreciate having a genuine book to take a gander at, and for the individuals who do, this is an in all respects sensibly evaluated book loaded with exact data. You can purchase a duplicate of it new for under $10.

The Most Effective Method To Make $100,000 A Year Gambling For A Living is an amazing book from David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth. The book incorporates segments about the different betting exercises where you can really get a numerical edge, including blackjack, betting games, betting on steed hustling, video poker, and poker.

The book likewise covers casino advancements and casino competitions that can once in a while make productive circumstances from amusements which are ordinarily top-notch numerically.

Blackjack Books

Beat the Dealer:
A Winning Strategy for the round of Twenty-One is the first book about how to beat blackjack by means of card tallying techniques, it’s still well worth perusing. A portion of the data in the book is obsolete, however, it gives a decent foundation to the math behind the amusement and why checking cards furnish a player with an edge over the casino.

Play Blackjack Like the Pros by Kevin Blackwood is additionally a fantastic book about beating blackjack, and Blackwood is a capable, engaging essayist.

Any blackjack book composed by Stanford Wong is likewise worth your time, however he’s composed a few. In the event that I needed to pick only one blackjack book by Stanford Wong to get, it would be The Big Book of Blackjack.

Video Poker Books

You should purchase and peruse each book about video poker composed by Bob Dancer and by Jean Scott. Artist’s A Winner’s Guide to Jacks or Better is the one video poker methodology book that I believe is basic in case you’re not kidding about video poker, yet Jean Scott’s books about cheap betting and thrifty video poker are likewise phenomenal.

Slot Machine Books

There’s very little understanding to be picked up into slot machines that you can’t get from perusing the Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling that I suggested before. Be that as it may, in case you’re truly intrigued by slot machines, Frank Legato’s book, How to Win a Million Dollars Playing Slot Machines (or Lose Trying) merits your time and cash.

The Big Book of Slots is additionally worth perusing, however, neither of these books (or some other book) will show you the “key to succeeding at slot machines.” The truth of the matter is that there is NO mystery to succeeding at slots.

Sports Betting Books

Most games betting books are entirely terrible, yet Stanford Wong’s book Sharp Sports Betting is well worth perusing. It’s thick, and it will require some push to receive the most incentive in return, however, it’s likely worth investing the exertion in case you’re keen on figuring out how to profit as a game bettor.

Casino Gambling Books to Avoid

I prescribe abstaining from anything from Frank Scoblete or John Patrick. A portion of the data in Frank Scoblete’s books about betting is exact, yet some of it is jabber. John Patrick’s books are far and away more terrible. Not exclusively are they severely composed, however his prescribed way to deal with betting systems and cash management methods are a ton of hooey.