How To Approach A Gambling Addiction


Gambling is a fun activity that can bring out a friendly competitiveness amongst friends and strangers. It can guarantee a night of fun and relaxation, as well as the opportunity to make a handsome sum of money. Regardless of the games you decide to go for– blackjack, slot machines, baccarat– they are all brightly lit and attractive to lure you in. However, gambling can become problematic for those who live off the thrill of the game and the assumption of an eventual win. A casino fan can easily turn into an obsessed fanatic, a dependent, and eventually an addict. If you find yourself stumbling down that deadly rabbit hole, know that there will always be help available to you.

Acknowledge That There Is A Problem

The issue with many addicts is that they don’t recognise their illness as one until they hit rock bottom. With gambling addiction, the result is often the disregarded spending of money. The need to gamble is accompanied by theft, loss of investments, lying to get money and even robbery. While people can confront a person with a gambling addiction, it is difficult to get through to them until they realise for themselves that there is an issue; that their habits are problematic. Denial is a dangerous and illusive drug that many addicts live under. Understanding that there is an issue is a good first step.

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Confide In Somebody You Trust

When you finally attempt to get help, it helps to let a loved one know. Not only will they offer the right kind of support, but when you go in for appointments they can be there with you to listen as well and ask the important questions, make inquiries that you may not think of making. The road to healing is a long and tough one. It is more difficult to get through without a good system surrounding you to remind you why you are doing what you do. Accountability will make it easier to avoid places like betting stores, lottery booths and pussy888 casino. 

Take It One Step At A Time

There is no other way to get through it but right through it. It’s a confusing concept, but it means that the end goal of your illness comes through hard work and dedication. There will always be temptation. The aim is for you to recognise that gambling is your vice; an illness that needs to be controlled. Many therapists and counsellors ask about what gambling rewards you– what feelings you get from the activity. There are many bits playing a part in your addiction and recognising all of them as well as getting on top of it will not be done in a few days. For many it is a lifetime of fighting their urges.

 With these points, the hope is that you are able to recognise that you are not alone in your struggle. There is an empathetic support system around you that will get you through your difficulties.