Fun Things You Should Do In Japan

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You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re looking for things to do in Japan after an exhausting month building software for an MLM company. We’ve picked together the greatest things to do in Japan on your first visit, from unique, only-in-Japan activities to must-see sights and the tastiest food to taste! Just so you know, anime is not the only thing to be fascinated about in Japan.


  • Take a bath in an Onsen

Soaking in the scalding hot waters of an onsen (hot spring bath) is a must-do on your Japan bucket list. Indoor and outdoor onsens, basic and opulent, small and large, are all available. Although most are shared, some ryokans have private baths that can be reserved. Foreigners may find onsens challenging (as we did at first! ), as they require you to be entirely naked (most are divided by gender). Before you get in the bath, make sure you’ve had a good shower. It’s worth getting over your worries because they’re so calming.


  • Go to the 100 yen store and raid it

Hyaku yen stores, Japan’s version of 99-cent stores, are hidden jewels found in almost every city in the country. They’re hidden treasure troves of unusual, eccentric, practical, and extremely cute must-haves, such as porcelain teacups, Hello Kitty dessert forks, and bubble stickers which are sold for only 100 yen.


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  • Enjoy the cherry blossom season

The famed Japanese cherry blossoms attract visitors from all around the world every spring when they are in full bloom. While most tourists rush from tree to tree posing for photos, sakura season is a moment for Japanese people to spend time with family, coworkers, and friends.


  • Eat sushi

Sushi in Japan gives new meaning to the phrase “take your taste buds on a journey,” and having that sushi on a conveyor belt straight from the kitchen? It’s truly magical. Sushi conveyor belts may be found in kaitenzushi restaurants all around Japan, and with pay-by-the-plate ordering, you’re sure to leave satisfied. Locals recommend the kani miso sushi, which is prepared with crab innards, to brave eaters. Ride the sushi conveyor line into the sunset once you’ve finished eating.


  • Watch the well-known kabuki performance

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theatre form that stems from the Edo Period. Drama, dance, and music are all featured, and the all-male cast wears extravagant make-up. The Kabukiza Theatre in Ginza, Tokyo, is the best site to witness a Kabuki performance (English captions are provided), however, performances can also be found in other large cities.


  • Try wild boar ramen

Locals tell us that great ramen can be found all around Japan, from isolated towns to the centre of Tokyo. Keep an eye out for inoshishi, they advise (wild boar ramen). This dish is well-known at Takayama’s Le Midi ramen bar. If you want to eat a lot of ramen (a delightful quest we wholeheartedly endorse—eating is one of the best things to do in Japan), get some recommendations from a native. One of our Japanese friends recommends visiting Sapporo’s “ramen alley,” particularly Teshikaga.


  • Dress up like a Geisha

Both Japanese and foreign visitors to Kyoto enjoy renting a kimono for the day and roaming the historic districts of Gion and Higashiyama. There are numerous rental shops in Gion and the neighbouring environs. Although Kyoto’s historic alleyways are the most popular site to rent a kimono, rental establishments may be found all around Japan.