Facebook Marketplace 101


Facebook Marketplace is a popular Facebook feature that was launched back in 2016. Basically, it functions as a digital classified service, and delivers the ability to buy and sell items directly within the Facebook app and website.

Since there are tons of people are using Facebook all over the world, Facebook Marketplace has become an effective approach for selling items. Are you looking for quality social media marketing services in Malaysia? Make sure to choose experienced social media consultants who can help you make the most out of this Facebook feature.

How does it work?

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t really process transactions. It just matches a user who is interested in purchasing a product from a seller. Then, the payment method would be negotiated, as well as the place for making the trade.

How to Get Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace feature is built on Facebook itself by default. All you need to do is locate it within your app or website. If you can’t see it, they some troubleshooting techniques.

What products can you sell on Facebook Marketplace?

A lot of everyday products like furniture, toys, cars, collectibles, blue-ray disks and more can be sold using this. Many sellers also list specific services such as electrical, cleaning, lawn, plumbing and massage sessions.

Which products are not allowed?

You can’t put listings on animals and healthcare products on Facebook Marketplace. People are also not allowed to post “looking for” or “wanted” listings.