eCommerce Growth This 2020


Starting an online business in Malaysia is easier now, thanks to the ongoing simplification and
evolution of ecommerce technology. Now, it’s a lot easier to launch an online business, even
with little knowledge on online payment processing, fulfillment, web hosting and logistics.

Since marketing technology is getting more and more sophisticated, even if you are a newbie in
the digital landscape, you can manage and own a successful direct-to-consumer brand. Here
three things that you must remember as you improve your brand this 2020.

1. Content is king.

Creating quality, engaging content is essential to every marketing strategy. You don’t need to
blog, or to spend thousands on photo shoots and video productions. Quality content creation
means coming up with a brand story that provides a consumer a reason to care. Communicate
your engaging, fresh story effectively across all touchpoints.

Investing on engaging content would ensure that your ecommerce platform is the best
representation the brand you want to build. Your content and your website are your tools in
generating more customers.

2. Lock in direct response channels.

Content creation is just the first step in the process. The next thing you need to do is come up
with distribution plans for your content. Establish good marketing funnels for your brand’s
message across paid display, email and other direct response channels. These will fuel your
strategy in generating more traffic.

You can further maximize your opportunities by retargeting recent shopping cart abandoners. It’s
also possible to increase the bids on branded paid search terms in order to ensure that you are
capturing the existing demands.

3. Improve your relationship with your customers.

Once you have invested money and time in a new business, it’s time to start establishing long-
term relationships with your customers. Your business’ success would depend on your customer
base. Don’t just aim for one-time purchases. Keep in mind that it’s important to develop an
emotional connection with them. Make them feel good about their purchases. If they have
inquiries, attend to them as soon as possible.