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How Is Copper Used In Life And Industry?

Copper is one of the first metals discovered and used by mankind, and copper is used everywhere in life. Copper is now widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing such as Alfran malaysia, construction industry, defence industry and other fields. Although copper has a red colour and is a red metal, it is also […]

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Interesting Skills That You Need To Learn

Every day we are always learning something new, having a variety of knowledge in every aspect will bring benefits to us in terms of our education, our career, and even our life. That is why it is never a waste for us to constantly learning or trying something new every day. Here are some of […]


What To Do In Your Spare Time?

Write down the things that ignite your passion and make you energetic. Look for activities or experiences that give you that boost. Consider the following hobbies that suit you: learning computer programming; learning a new foreign language; writing a book, short story or play; making jewellery; graphic design; amateur photography; learning a new dance routine, […]

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What Can You Do to Cope Up With This Pandemic

During this pandemic, you’re probably spending most of your time inside your home. Gone are the days where you are free to do anything you want. Do you miss it though? Do you miss going to the casino? Do you miss the thrill and excitement you get from betting and thinking about whether your cards […]

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Building A Therapist Home Office

The modern-day health care practice is now happening online. From all of our doctor’s appointments to checkups, they all can be done in the safety of our home. But ofcourse, there are some instances where you may need to see your patient in a much closer space. Checking up on them online versus in real […]

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2 Activities You Can Try To Reduce Gambling Habits

It is not surprising to hear that people have been using online gambling as a way to kill time and release stress. However, too much of everything can be hazardous. This means that you should put a limit to your hobby of online gambling as getting obsessed with it could be disadvantageous. For example, you […]

Malaysia Website Designers

Malaysia Website Designers: Meet Digital Zoopedia

From the youth to the adults, almost everyone will surf the internet and websites at least once a day. Internet or specifically saying, surfing through websites, is a daily activity nowadays. Imagine a day without going through Shoppee, or even watching the weather analysis for the day? Unimaginable pain. In the world of business, a […]

Time fibre broadband Malaysia

TIME Fibre Broadband Malaysia With the Right Choices Now

The types of internet connection are mainly divided into two types, physical , when the connection is made physically, by cable, and wireless , when the connection is made without cables. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Physical connections are usually more stable and faster, but of course, they do not allow a […]