7 Foods that Surprisingly Kills Your Sex Drive

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It is a known fact that the foods that you can eat could potentially increase or decrease your libido. ‘Libido’ is just a fancy term that is used to refer to one’s sex drive. Men and women have different ways of increasing/decreasing libido, but one can be assured that the foods that you eat do have an impact on it, at least, to some extent. Male enhancement pills were created mainly because of the fact that there are some people that continuously eat foods that they might not know that are killing their libidos.

So today, I want to spread awareness and share with you some foods that surprisingly kills your sex drive.


Now, you might be surprised why I’ve included berries on this list, but hear me out. Although berries provide a lot of health benefits (some experts even went on to say that they do wonders for your sex drive), I am only referring to the berries with edible skin.

You see, most of the fresh berries that you can find on the market may have been doused with high levels of pesticides and that can actually be the one that will lower your libido.

If you want berries, I suggest that you opt for the frozen variety instead.


Don’t get me wrong, this root vegetable is healthy for you. But, men should lower their consumption of beets mainly because it can increase estrogen levels in their bodies. If anything, consume them in moderate quantities because they can still provide the benefit of increased blood flow.

Bottled Water

Water is essential for our bodies and we need it for us to function. However, bottled water is dangerous because of its Bisphenol-A content (otherwise known simply as BPA). BPA has been found out to cause severe erectile dysfunction in men. In another study, it was found that it reduced sperm quality in some of the subjects.


Cheese that is derived from cow’s milk is loaded with synthetic hormones which could mess up your body’s natural hormone production. If this is your favorite food, consume it in moderation.

Canned Soup

Although they are convenient and delicious, canned soups are notoriously high on sodium. High sodium content not only damages your heart but it can also reduce blood flow to the different areas of your body as well.


Coffee is essential for most adults because it can give us that slight push to rev up our days. However, for people who are jittery when it comes to consuming coffee, that could indicate that they have a very moderate to severe caffeine sensitivity. If that is the case, you would want to avoid consuming coffee a few hours before sex.


If you love eating shrimp, be wary of where it comes from. Most of what you can find in the supermarket are farm-grown which means that they are subject to pesticides that can affect your libido in a negative way. I am not saying it is not safe to eat shrimp but what I am saying is that you’d want one that actually came from the sea and not from some shrimp farm.