7 Advanced Tips on Increasing Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate


What is E-Commerce? To put it simply, it is where a person or a business owner will put up an online store and will conduct business using the internet.

In a perfect world, you want people to go to your website, choose the items that they want to buy, and then head to the checkout. But, that doesn’t happen quite often, right?

This is especially true with average online businesses. But, since you’re reading this article, I am assuming that you do not want to be “average” and you actually want to earn a lot.

So in this article, I will give some advanced tips to help increase your E-commerce conversion rate.

Use Persuasive Copy and Design

When you study the most successful online businesses, you will find that they make use of persuasive copy and design. What is this exactly? Well, their sales copy isn’t actually “salesy” but one that actually resonates with the people that are going to the site.

It doesn’t have to be in your face as well. All you really need to do is somehow convince the person to click on your CTA. You also want to include high-quality relevant images to make it more enticing to do so.

Make Site Navigation a Priority

If your website is hard to navigate, meaning, people would have to do a couple of clicks before they can get to the feature or product they’re looking for, then that is bad site design.

Check to see if your website’s design is easily navigable. If you have plenty of products on offer, you have to implement a search functionality that will help make things so much easier.

Don’t Be Afraid to ‘Personalize’

In this day and age, if you want to attract more paying customers, then you want to be able to ‘personalize’ their experience.

For instance, if your visitors frequently buy your shoes and they buy it in a particular style, then you can recommend to them some other things that are still related to that item.

You can do this by either giving certain recommendations or even send them a newsletter that highlights items that they may be interested in based on their previous purchase history.

Shop on Social Media Platforms

It is safe to assume that almost all people who go online have a social media account. That being said, you can utilize the platform if you want to sell something.

This is especially true if you’re in an industry where product images are a necessity. Providing an avenue for your customers to contact you and directly buy from you on the different social media websites is an advantage you should want to have.

Be as Informative as Possible

Because people do not have the ability to examine the product they want to buy online, then providing a detailed description can really help improve your conversion rate.

Aside from that, you also want to include high-quality photos and videos as well to give them multiple angles of the product- thus, influencing them to buy.

Showcase Social Proof

You want to entice people to buy from you and one way to do that would be to showcase some social proof. This can be in the form of celebrity endorsements, expert testimonials or product reviews.

Give Discounts

I think it is common knowledge by now that discounts will automatically help entice people to make the purchase, but you want to give them the ability to customize it somehow.

For example, if your customer buys 5 items under one category, then giving them discounts that are specific to the items they have purchased is one way to customize it.