6 Common Mistakes that New Parents Make


Parents are always going to be fallible. In other words, we all make mistakes, especially if it is our first time having babies.

But, the good thing is that if you know the common mistakes that parents make, you can do a better job of becoming a parent yourself by avoiding them.

In this article, I will talk about the common mistakes that new parents make.

Panicking Over Just About Anything

First-time parents have the knack of just panicking over just about anything. For instance, if they see their baby vomit, they would instantly assume that something dire is happening within their bodies.

Truth be told, babies are quite resilient. Sure, their immune system and their overall bodies, in general, are still fragile, they actually have the ability to overcome almost anything.

Instead of panicking over the little things, just ensure that you have your baby car seat installed in your vehicle so that you can bring your baby home using your own car.

Trying Your Best Not to Let the Baby Cry

New parents would often assume that if a baby is crying, they have to attend to them as fast as possible. Well, that is only partly true. According to a veteran pediatric nurse, Jennifer Walker, it is always our assumption that when the baby cries that we did something wrong.

But the truth is that babies are just predisposed to crying simply because that’s their main mode of communication. You might be feeding them well and making sure that their diapers are clean and they would still cry.

However, you also have to keep track of their crying as well, especially its duration. If your baby has been crying for the past hour or so and seems inconsolable, then that might be an indication of something serious.

But, for the most part, do not worry too much when your baby is crying as they might just need your attention.

Waking Their Babies Up Just to Feed

This is quite a common thing that first-time parents make and they question why they lack sleep when caring for their little ones. The truth is, if your baby is indeed hungry, they will let you know by crying. If your baby is soundly asleep during the night, you might as well just sleep with them.

Not Knowing the Difference Between a Spit-Up and Vomit

A lot of new parents confuse vomiting with a spit-up, but they are entirely different. The one thing that separates them is their frequency.

Vomiting can occur if they’ve been inflicted with a gastrointestinal virus and may start vomiting every 30-45 minutes. This is an indication that you should have them checked.

However, a spit-up is usually related to feeding. If they vomit shortly after feeding, then that is no cause for concern.

Not Taking Immediate Action When their Babies’ Experiencing Fever

When you use a rectal thermometer and your baby is over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, that is an indication that your baby is having a fever and if that is the case, the best thing that you can do is rush them to the hospital.

What a lot of parents do is that they try to medicate their babies on their own by giving them some use. This is just a huge mistake and one that you should never do.

However, there is an exception to this. If your baby just underwent immunization, expect that their temperature will rise up within the day that may persist up to two days.

Not Taking Oral Care Seriously

When your baby starts to grow some teeth, that is the best time to think about their oral care. When they start teething, do not give them milk when they are in bed since it may increase the risk of developing cavities.

You can use a wet cause or cotton to clean your baby’s gums and you can even use a soft toothbrush once they reach 12 months old.