5 Feng Shui Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Home


Feng shui’s design principles can have an immense impact on your life. Feng shui takes care of your general wellbeing. That is why it is also considered by the top interior design company in Malaysia. As with all other philosophies of traditional design, it is vast and complex. So there are always opportunities to make your living space better and to make your home safer, happier and more peaceful. Today, we’re going to talk about those things you need to stop in your living space.

Furniture that has Sharp Edges

Furniture with sharp edges negatively impacts the atmosphere in the interior. It wreaks havoc when left unattended, and creates all-round loss of good fortune, work and money. Furniture with sharp edges should not point to your bed or table for analysis. If you have no way to avoid it, then try any of the following methods to prevent its negative effect.

Place a tall plant with sharp edges and a bed or study table in between the piece of furniture. Hang up curtains to create a sort of barrier. If you have a sharp-edged table then cover it with table cloth. Purchase rounded-corner furniture with smooth edges. It also makes it safer for the kids at home. Consider taking the aid of an expert interior designer to avoid common home-made feng shui errors.

Violent-Themed Images

Do not hang pictures of fighting, aggressive or deceased animals on your living room, dining area and bedroom features walls. Try avoiding this sort of images completely in your house. We have a negative effect on psychology. Besides, they make you stew over life’s sad events. Evite this kind of images in the kid’s field. They may grow tendencies toward violence and depression.

Clock that Have Stopped Working

Clocks which stopped in the past at some time should be completely disposed of. If it’s just a matter of out – of-date battery, make sure to change it whenever that happens. Dysfunctional clocks, like pictures of death and violence, upset the balance of the world within. In addition, clocks like these create needless clutter in your home. We indicate an obstacle that can not be surmounted. You’re not progressing in life, or taking the direction you want. If for nostalgic reasons you have to have clocks like these, put them away in a closed lid box.

Bathroom Located in the Center of the House

The bathrooms should not be in the house centre. This creates a negative feeling or chi. Your bathroom door must not open against your house’s front entrance. Do not place a bed directly in front of your door. Upstairs bathroom also attracts bad luck.

When you live in an apartment with a bathroom at any of these places, it would be hard to change the house’s layout. All you can do is take remedial measures, such as having a clean bathroom clear of clutter. Having properly lit with artificial light, this room which is so poorly situated could be difficult to have as natural light.

Black Furnishing in Bed

Try not to have all of the black bed furniture. They can trigger mood swings and depressions. It has a draining effect on your mind and body, so much so that you might not feel properly rejuvenated at all even after a good night’s sleep. Nonetheless, you can combine black with other colors to create a trendy ambience in the bedroom. As you can see in the photo above the bed has no all black furnishings.